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Swimming lessons

/-, /-: Katja
:Anakin / Obi-Wan
:AU, Humor, Romance
:"Star Wars" . =)
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:2009.09.28 ( : 2009.09.28 20:56:08)
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Swimming lessons

Trust me, Anakin, its not that hard!


Just come in here!

I wont!

Dont be afraid!

Im not! I lived without it almost twenty years and could go on without.

Oh, cmon, just try it.


Ive never thought you are afraid of swimming


You fly like mad without worrying about crashing, you fight like mad without worrying about getting wounded or even dead, but you worry about swimming??

I.Do.Not.Worry.About.It. I do not want to its that simple.

And now youre becoming furious, because Ive found out your weakness.


Really, its funny to watch you turning red of anger.

Ill kill you.

Come in and try it.

Youre cruel, Obi-Wan. Why do you do this to me?

You sound if youre crying

Im not!

Nonetheless, you should try to swim.

I cannot swim.

Then Ill teach you! If youd get your ass into the water

Oh no, Anakin, no pouting, please.

Im not pouting!!!

You act like a child! First getting mad and after not getting what you wanted you start sulking!

But I havent seen so much water at once in all my life!

Please, Master, Im just a bit nervous of stepping into something Ive only seen falling from the sky once in 5 years.

You dont trust me, right?

Ive never said that!

But you feel like this.


Do you think, Id let you sink?


Do you think, Id let you alone?

No, but

Do you think, Id demand you to swim knowing youve never done it before?


So wheres your problem? All I want is to get you into the water! Just make a step forward; its less than 2 feet till the surface, come in, let the soft waves play with your skin. Its not that hard, Anakin.


Whats the matter?

Could you Well, could you come out andhelp me?

If its all you need, my little coward, Ill be up there in a second.

Thanks Gee, youre all wet!

Its the usual consequence of being in water.

But its a great look how your wet pants stick on your body accenting
every curve and

Anakin, would you be so nice to watch into my face?

Sorry, Obi-Wan...

And Im still your Master.

Excuse me, Master, but I thought, after well, becoming acquainted with, um, other parts of you I thought, Id be allowed to leave out the Master.

But not in public.

Cmon, theres no one around!


Were all alone

Anakin, stay where you are.

We have this entire beach for our needs only

Anakin, were still in public.

Everyone shall know how beautiful you are screaming my name at the highest points of you desire.

Im warning you, my young passionate Padawan.

Yes, Master, make me moan your name, torture me with your love and Aah!!!

I thought, I youd need a small cooling off, Anakin.

Help me! Im going under!

Oh please, Anakin, I can stand there and youre even taller.

It wasnt fair! You wanted to help me to come in.

You are in and not without my help, so wheres your problem?

Youre horrible! Stop teasing me!

You are too sweet pouting, Anakin, it makes teasing worth.

Im only sweet?

What else do you want to hear standing down there all wet and looking up to me with your puppy-eyes?

That Im sexy and gorgeous, that Im the materialization of all your
dreams, that I make you horny every time I look at you like this

Anakin, stop that damned I-want you-right-now-gaze!

I wont.

And quit grinning like this!

I wont.

You have been warned once

Well, come here and punish me Master.

Youre making me insane

Its all I want to do all my life.

I already have grey hair!

And you look even more delicious than before. Why dont you come in?

I dont want to swim anymore.

Ive never spoke of swimming


Afraid of water, Master?

Damn it, Anakin, you really had not to use the Force to get me in here!!!

I owed you a surprise.

Why do I love you?

Because I am all you cannot be Nasty, for example.

Youre my worst nightmare.

Excuse me, Master, but I really need to shut you up

There are so many things kissings good for.

Stop grinning like that you horny bastard.

Im horny?? Do you really think its only me? Shall I check if youre really so cool like youre acting, Master Kenobi?

Keep your hands on the surface, Anakin!

Why should I do this?

Because Im telling you Force!

Shall I stop?

Its all you and your damned experienced hands

Is it a No?

NO! I mean, yes!

You are so confused, Master.


But were in public. Someone could see us.

I dont give a shit

Yum, your neck tastes in water even much better.

What are you doing to me, you sex-addicted thing of a Padawan?!

Yeah, just keep on moaning and cursing, Master. I love it when you
reach this condition.

Hell youre amazing

You lose all your control over yourself.


You show me your real face when Im stroking you






and down




and licking


your delicious neck

whispering dirty words into your ears.

I want you!

Im feeling insane when you talk to me like this

Fuck me!

ripping off my clothes


caressing my member


making me gasp

Take me

and moan


Do you feel me inside?


Do you want me to move?





Dont stop

Id never dare





Youre crazy

But it was good

They could have seen us!

Well, Im sure they hadnt seen, but you were pretty loud

Because you never stop when Im telling you to do so!

You didnt want me to stop

You shouldnt have even begun.

Oh yeah, tell me, that you had no fun doing it.


Oh, stop pouting, little Obi-Wan.

Im not pouting!

But you dont speak to me.

I have good reasons

But why? You got want you wanted, Im in water, Im swimming.


Come on, were even. I am in water and you have been fucked. You
might have been heard while token by your Padawan and my robes are swimming somewhere in this puddle

I have it worse. I could lose my post.

But you dont have to walk home naked.

Ok, were even. Youll get my robe till home.


It was nothing.

Now you got me into swimming, I really should try to get you into flying.

Forget about it!!!

I promise, youll love to fly with me, Master

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